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Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple is best known for making some of the world's most ubiquitous consumer devices, software, and services: the iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook computers, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iOS, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and many more. Led by CEO Tim Cook since 2011, Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world alongside Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

This incredible exploit could have let hackers remotely own iPhones without even touching them

A Google Project Zero researcher found a stunning vulnerability

Apple’s $129 MagSafe Duo charger is now available

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Here are the best AirPods deals you can get right now

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Here are the best Apple Watch deals right now

Amazon is bringing macOS to its AWS cloud

Amazon is using Mac mini machines in its cloud

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The best Cyber Monday deals on Apple devices

Apple hires venture capitalist Josh Elman to help improve App Store discovery

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The best Cyber Monday laptop deals

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Apple’s new MacBook Air and Pro with M1 are at their lowest prices yet for Cyber Monday

Apple fined €10M by Italian watchdog over iPhone waterproofing claims

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Apple’s AirPods Pros are down to $169 at Amazon (Update: sold out)

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Here are the best iPad deals right now

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Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad is up to $70 off in Best Buy’s Black Friday sale

Apple may move iPad and MacBook manufacturing from China to Vietnam

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The best smartphone you can buy for under $500

You can get a great smartphone at this price, whether you want an iPhone, a big screen, or a great camera

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These are the best Black Friday streaming deals for Hulu, Spotify, Sling TV, and more

Apple head of security accused of offering iPads as bribes for concealed gun permits

Apple extends deadline for requiring in-app purchases for apps selling online classes and events

Developers now have till June 30th, 2021

Waze will soon support CarPlay’s split-view dashboard mode

The Apple TV remote has yet another alternate option that includes buttons

The latest teardown from iFixit shows how huge the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is

Our editors discuss the M1 Macs with Walt Mossberg

The MacBook Air is once again the benchmark by which other laptops will be measured

Many will be found wanting

iFixit teardown shows just how similar the new M1 MacBooks are

Apple releases iOS 14.2.1 with fix for iPhone 12 mini lock screen issue

Google details Calendar, Drive, and Chrome iOS widgets on the way

Google Stadia is coming to iOS officially as a web app

Apple’s first-gen M1 chips have already upended our concept of laptop performance

The Peanuts holiday specials actually won’t be exclusive to just Apple TV Plus

Nvidia is bringing Fortnite back to iOS with new cloud gaming web app

Here’s how to run any iOS app you own on Apple’s new M1 Macs

It’s buggy, it’s weird, and it’s kind of fun

Google’s new Gmail widget highlights the problems with iOS widgets

Sunshine Contacts is an invite-only address book app from Marissa Mayer’s new startup

Google’s native version of Chrome for Apple’s Arm Macs is out now

Apple will pay $113 million for throttling older iPhones in new ‘batterygate’ settlement

Apple’s new M1-powered MacBook Pro 13 is already $50 off

Pixelmator Pro gets update for M1 Macs

Apple’s biggest App Store critics are not impressed with its new fee cut for small developers

Apple will reduce App Store cut to 15 percent for most developers starting January 1st