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Art Club

Art Club

Every week, The Verge’s designers, photographers, and illustrators gather to share the work of artists who inspire us. Now we’re turning our Art Club into an interview series in which we catch up with the artists and designers we admire and find out what drives them.

The healing power of Black art

Zoom in style in a sci-fi ship decimating coronavirus particles

Perry Bible Fellowship’s Nicholas Gurewitch on making comics for the internet’s golden age

Inside the Oh Sees’ year-long effort to put their albums on 8-track box sets

We visited the studio that puts high-tech fashion on Billy Porter and Janelle Monáe

The artist putting tiny Kirby, waffles, and SpongeBob on your mechanical keyboard

Beeple on creating a zombie Mark Zuckerberg and flesh-eating Baby Yoda to examine the times

2019: A year in The Verge illustrations

Sci-fi futures, toxic cultures, and scooter wars

Taco Bell’s creative director on building up a cult brand

Making weird go viral with Hi Stranger creator Kirsten Lepore

How Keith Rankin balances illustration with owning an indie record label

How Ommy Akhe makes her ultra-cool Instagram AR filters

How Joker’s gritty logo was created with wood type letterpress

Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya’s Community of Microbes: a celebration of color and science

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Photographer Richard Parry shows the innovation of consumer tech from the inside out

Some Assembly Required

How artist Meyoco built an online business with pastel florals and magical girls

How Blake Kathryn pulls futuristic 3D dreamscapes from her subconscious

How we created the opening shot of our iPhone 11 Pro review

George Mager’s bouncy, multilingual world uses script as design

Tom Hegen’s aerial photography captures the human impact on natural landscapes

How Team Rolfes uses motion capture suits to create wild interactive experiences

Julien Rivoire’s 3D concepts imagine modern-day versions of retro tech

This curvy cat font inspired by cat tails was created for a zine about cats

How Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob meme toys were birthed by the internet

Ikea releases free ‘Soffa Sans’ font made of couches

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How D’ana Nunez went from fashion show production to art directing Instagram’s Coachella house

‘Creating for yourself should always be first, before anything else.’

Tuca & Bertie’s art director on the show’s indie comic influences

How street artist Swoon creates life-size dreamlike worlds

DeviantArt is growing up with its biggest redesign ever

Zach Lieberman’s interactive art creates moments of wonder and surprise

Deepfake Salvador Dalí takes selfies with museum visitors

Anton Gudim’s comics play with perspective to make you question reality