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YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other online platforms are changing the way people create and consume media. The Verge's Creators section covers the people using these platforms, what they're making, and how those platforms are changing (for better and worse) in response to the vloggers, influencers, podcasters, photographers, musicians, educators, designers, and more who are using them. The Verge’s Creators section also looks at the way creators are able to turn their projects into careers — from Patreons and merch sales, to ads and Kickstarters — and the ways they’re forced to adapt to changing circumstances as platforms crack down on bad actors and respond to pressure from users and advertisers. New platforms are constantly emerging, and existing ones are ever-changing — what creators have to do to succeed is always going to look different from one year to the next.

Twitch Prime’s new channel has reality gaming shows, comedy, and tournaments

Mixer was a failure, but it kicked off a talent war for streamers

Microsoft’s Mixer streamers are sad, angry, and moving to Twitch

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Ninja, Shroud, and other top Mixer streamers are now free to stream on Twitch again

And then there were three

Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming

MrBeast partners with MSCHF to give away $25,000 as part of a massive one-time game

In the hot seat

Behind Hot Ones’ ambitions to be the future of late-night TV

Spotify is testing interactive podcast ads so you never have to remember a promo code again

Fujifilm’s webcam app supports more cameras today and macOS soon

The healing power of Black art

This backpack has it all: Kevlar, batteries, and a federal investigation

The man behind an alleged crowdfunding scam wants you to know he isn’t a scammer

TikTok reveals some of the secrets, and blind spots, of its recommendation algorithm

TwitchCon San Diego has been canceled

Go read this report on the underground trade of OnlyFans content

Pandora will tell podcast hosts where their listeners live and how long they listen


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The Twitch streamer behind Tfue’s custom $3,500 mechanical keyboard

Inside the burgeoning world of custom keyboard making

Djay’s new feature can automatically separate vocals and drum tracks for mixing

“Heavy metal maybe wasn’t the greatest. But I would say everything else is pretty spot on.”

Spotify’s next podcast stars: Harley Quinn and Batman

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Amazon to stream Premier League soccer free on Twitch

Zynn removes controversial pay to watch feature after being banned by Apple and Google

Twitch Studio launches on Mac in beta

YouTube creators are turning the site into a podcast network

And they’re launching secondary channels to do so

Chess is blowing up on Twitch

Etsy’s iOS app now lets you preview art on your wall through augmented reality

The gadgets Late Night with Seth Meyers uses to keep the show running from 凯发k8官方旗舰店home

Consumer electronics have replaced studios during the pandemic

You can now send photos straight from Lightroom to Photoshop on iPad

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Maangchi, the internet’s Korean mom

YouTube’s most beloved 凯发k8官方旗舰店home cook on online gaming, immigrant timewarp, and her new book

TikTok clone Zynn has now been removed from the iOS App Store as well

I paid an Etsy psychic to draw my soulmate

Dating sim speedrun, but make it real life

What's in your bag

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Cameo now lets people pay up to $15K to have a Zoom call with a celebrity

YouTube says gaming ad views to fundraise for Black Lives Matter violates policies

There’s a simple trick to watch YouTube videos without any ads

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How one company orchestrated a talent war between Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube

Loaded is behind streaming’s biggest names including Ninja, Shroud, and CouRage

Twitch will begin scanning and deleting clips that contain copyrighted music

YouTube commits $100 million to ‘amplify’ black creators and artists

Adobe launches Photoshop Camera, a free app with tons of elaborate face filters