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How activists should be thinking about cybersecurity

A new Trump appointee has put internet freedom projects in crisis mode

Google is on a mission to stop you from reusing passwords

Nextdoor eliminates its Forward to Police program

Russia lifts its ban on the Telegram messenger app

Amazon says it mitigated the largest DDoS attack ever recorded

Zoom says free users will get end-to-end encryption after all

Dropbox officially launches its own password manager and a secure vault for your files

Twitter reinstates Zero Hedge account saying its earlier suspension was ‘an error’

Researchers detail huge hack-for-hire campaigns against environmentalists

Honda pauses production and closes offices following ransomware attack

Signal can now transfer your chat history to a new iPhone

Nintendo’s NNID hack was almost twice as big as first reported

Dropbox has quietly launched a new password manager in private beta

Google says foreign hackers targeted emails of Trump and Biden campaign staffers

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How to secure your phone before attending a protest

Google accounts now work with NFC, USB-C, and Lightning security keys on iOS

Amazon removed racist images that appeared on some listings for headphones

Zoom paid accounts reportedly will get strong encryption for calls

Zoom has temporarily removed Giphy from its chat feature

New jailbreak tool works on Apple’s just-released iOS 13.5

Thomson Reuters faces pressure over ICE contracts

EasyJet hack hits 9 million customers

Calls between the House and Senate should be encrypted, lawmakers say

Secret Service investigating a crime ring inundating unemployment offices with fake claims

Zoom says Sunday morning outage resolved

Edison Mail rolls back update after iOS users reported they could see strangers’ emails

Go read this profile on the man who ‘saved the internet’ from WannaCry

US government accuses Chinese ‘cyber actors’ of trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research

Hackers are impersonating Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet for phishing scams

Thunderbolt flaw allows access to a PC’s data in minutes

A hacker is trying to break Ohio’s tool for reporting workers who quit during the pandemic