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Amazon boosts climate commitments and greenhouse gas emissions

Most Republicans and Democrats agree on these two climate strategies

GE will make taller wind turbines using 3D-printing

Donald Trump weakens environmental regulations with new executive order 

Nearly two dozen attorneys general sue Trump administration over controversial fuel standard

YouTube took down Michael Moore’s film attacking renewable energy

Panasonic to resume work at Tesla’s New York solar factory this week

Clean energy could get Americans back to work post-pandemic

Cruise commits to using ‘100 percent renewable energy’ to power its self-driving taxis

Offshore drilling has dug itself a deeper hole since Deepwater Horizon

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Deepwater Horizon: a decade of disaster 

The most ambitious climate pledges from Big Oil are still weak

Recycling plants are catching on fire, and lithium-ion batteries are to blame

Rechargeable batteries like the one in your smartphone should never be tossed in the recycling

How Elizabeth Warren answered a hard question about lithium-ion batteries

Humans put out more methane than previously thought

Alphabet winds down energy kite division

New Deepwater Horizon data reveals invisible oil that satellites may have missed

BP wants to somehow eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions

Trump’s budget continues to boost nuclear energy

Democrats are pushing a National Climate Bank

The Doomsday Clock is now at 100 seconds to midnight

Trump eases approval process for pipelines and infrastructure projects

Delta is offsetting emissions for flights to Las Vegas for CES

Building climate-saving tech digs up new problems

Billionaire Tom Steyer profited from fossil fuels, and now he wants them eliminated

The power tool company behind DeWalt, Black & Decker and Craftsman is testing batteries that don’t explode


The lightbulb revolution has just begun

Europe’s Green Deal on climate change failed its first test 

This was the decade climate change slapped us in the face

Carbon markets could strengthen or screw over global action on climate change

John Kerry, Arnold Schwarzenegger wage ‘World War Zero’ on climate change

Twitter’s political ad ban provides little oversight for fossil fuel companies