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Nissan follows GM in ditching Trump’s effort to overturn California’s pollution rules

Climate change is already a disaster to health, doctors say

Rising seas predicted to flood thousands of affordable housing units by 2050

Today is the last day of the record-smashing 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

Satellite images show online shopping’s growing footprint

GM abandons Trump’s war against California’s pollution powers

Newly named panda cub is still online as National Zoo closes doors

NASA to launch satellite to track rising sea levels

US greenhouse gas emissions see historic plummet

Google launches new tool to help cities stay cool

The UK moves up deadline to ban the sale of combustion-engine vehicles

Jeff Bezos announces first beneficiaries of his $10 billion climate fund

Sewage is still ‘America’s dirty secret’

To achieve his climate goals, Joe Biden needs to bring scientists back

Hurricanes are keeping more of their strength after moving ashore

Theta is a record-setting entry in 2020’s wild hurricane season

Gray wolves win in historic Colorado election

Australia plans to strengthen its power grid with another giant battery

Local elections are changing America’s energy mix, one city at a time

The US will abandon a worldwide climate agreement on November 4th

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season keeps raging with Hurricane Eta

Fossil fuels get the nuclear treatment in new climate effort

Lower East Side Ecology Center is accepting e-waste at NYC pop-up sites through November

The US is one of the world’s biggest sources of plastic pollution

Stripe customers will be able to funnel money into carbon capture projects

Wildfires tear through Colorado’s beetle-bitten forests

YouTubers’ #TeamTrees campaign overcame big hurdles in its first year

Microsoft wants to cut down pollution from its business travel  


The next generation of power plants will be virtual 

Go read this story about the ‘heat gap’ deepening the world’s divisions

Apple ditching chargers saves costs but not the planet

Take a breather with the winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition