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The name Google is synonymous with online searches, but over the years the company has grown beyond search and now builds multiple consumer products, including software like Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Android, and hardware like the Pixel smartphones, Google 凯发k8官方旗舰店home, and Chromebooks. Its name can also be found on internet services such as Google Fi, Flights, Checkout, and Google Fiber. Here is all of the latest news about one of the most influential tech companies in the world.

You can now play Google Stadia on practically any Android phone

How to enable the new media controls in the Android 11 beta

YouTube commits $100 million to ‘amplify’ black creators and artists

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The best free apps for video calling

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google renew pledge to fight online child exploitation

Project Protect is a new initiative from the Technology Coalition

Android 11 may be the best texting platform if you use multiple chat apps

How tech companies are fighting antitrust efforts with front groups

Google, Facebook, and Twitter to produce regular reports on coronavirus disinformation for the EU

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Android 11 beta: all the announcements

Where is Google’s Pixel 4A?

The next midrange Pixel is a month late, and the wait could extend into July

Five new features Android 11 borrows from the iPhone

How to install the Android 11 public beta


Android 11: conversations, bubbles, and making sense of complexity

The Android 11 beta is available now for Pixel phones