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The EU plans to ban US travelers indefinitely after haphazard COVID-19 response

There isn’t enough research to know if tear gas causes early periods

Twitter’s audio tweets revealed an accessibility miss, and now the company wants to fix it

Verily rolls out Healthy at Work testing program for companies seeking to reopen safely

Samsung rolls out smartwatch blood pressure tracking in South Korea

Cheap steroid reportedly improves survival for severe COVID-19 cases

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Everything you need to know about the coronavirus

Stay safe

FDA ends emergency ization for hydroxychloroquine

Germany says its coronavirus contact tracing app is ready

Go read this Wall Street Journal article about New York’s missteps combatting the coronavirus

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It’s hard to figure out how often people without symptoms spread COVID-19

Contact tracing programs have to work with local communities to be successful

Telehealth app Babylon Health allowed users to view other patients’ video consultations

Cities are using sewer systems as COVID-19 early warning signs

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Hydroxychloroquine study retraction shows the problems of speedy science

Telehealth wasn’t designed for non-English speakers

Fitbit’s ventilator gets emergency FDA approval

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Blaming protesters for COVID-19 spread ignores the bigger threats to health

Go read this heartbreaking story of how coronavirus spreads

Police violence will make it harder to fight COVID-19

It makes people less likely to trust health officials

The United States will cut ties with the World Health Organization, says President Trump

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Emergency COVID-19 vaccines will have to convince a skeptical public

Amazon’s Kindle and Echo team now working on the company’s COVID-19 testing project

3D printers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic

Massive PPE shortages pushed DIY volunteers to get creative

How SpaceX and NASA are launching astronauts into space during a pandemic

New study finds chloroquine doesn’t help COVID-19 patients — and it might even hurt

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Unproven strategies lead the race for a COVID-19 vaccine


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Don’t worry about coronavirus mutations

Donald Trump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine to protect against COVID-19

Fitbit is reportedly planning to build ventilators to help treat COVID-19 patients

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An HIV-fighting strategy might help against COVID-19

FDA izes rapid COVID 19 antigen test