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After outcry, Apple will let developers challenge App Store guidelines

Apple opens up its network of iPhones to help you find Tile-like lost gadget trackers

watchOS 7 announced with sleep tracking and rebranded Fitness app

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WWDC 2020: all the news from Apple’s virtual developer conference

Apple doubles down on controversial decision to reject email app Hey

Apple stands its ground against the popular new email app

T-Mobile explains why its network went down hard, claims only a fifth of calls were lost

Kim Kardashian West is the next superstar celebrity to snag an exclusive podcast deal with Spotify

AT&T to lay off thousands of workers and close 250 stores

Amazon Alexa is the only way to play Zynga’s latest take on Words with Friends

Facebook wants to help register 4 million voters this year with new ‘Voting Information Center’

Qualcomm launches new Snapdragon 690 processor to add 5G to budget phones

San Francisco’s district attorney sues DoorDash for alleged unfair business practices

Gulf states using COVID-19 contact tracing apps as mass surveillance tools, report says