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As gadgets and services get smarter, they need more data, and face the hard problem of keeping it safe. Data privacy has become a huge problem for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and any company using artificial intelligence to power its services — and a major sticking point for lawmakers looking to regulate. Here's all the news on data privacy and how it's changing tech.

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Apple’s new Over Sharing ad reminds us it really wants to be seen as a privacy protector

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Amazon Alexa for Residential will let the voice assistant power apartment complexes

FBI worried Ring and other doorbell cameras could tip owners off to police searches

Swipe left, Elon stans: that Tesla dating app is a joke, for now

Fertility app Premom reportedly shared customer data with Chinese companies

Los Angeles settles Weather Channel lawsuit, lets it keep selling location data to advertisers

Google Chrome will try to stop you from typing into risky text boxes

Secret Service bought access to cellphone location data

Telegram launches one-on-one video calls on iOS and Android

President Trump now has a profile on TikTok rival Triller

Trump gives TikTok a new deadline: 90 days instead of 45

ICE just signed a contract with facial recognition company Clearview AI

Clear Channel’s billboards will start tracking consumers in Europe

Have I Been Pwned — which tells you if passwords were breached — is going open source

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Microsoft reportedly puts TikTok acquisition talks on hold

Three people have been charged for Twitter’s huge hack, and a Florida teen is in jail

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After impassioned speech, AOC’s ban on US military recruiting via Twitch fails House vote

An Instagram bug showed a ‘camera on’ indicator for iOS 14 devices even when users weren’t taking photos

Facebook Messenger can now lock your chats behind Face ID