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Founded in 2003, Tesla is the top manufacturer of electric vehicles in the US. Led by billionaire CEO Elon Musk, the automaker upended the industry with the futuristic designs and technology of the Gigafactory, the Model S sedan, the Model X SUV, the mass-market Model 3, and soon, the Model Y compact SUV and the unconventional, Blade Runner-inspired pickup Cybertruck. The company has also experienced a number of growing pains on the path to that status as a leader, including public clashes with government agencies, and it commonly faces questions about its technology, issues with its manufacturing, and the treatment of its workforce. The Verge covers all of Tesla’s product launches and ambitions, including energy generation and storage, and the push towards autonomous cars.

This tiny car beat Tesla’s Model 3 as the best-selling EV in the world for January and February

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Tesla launches a social platform and is closing its forums

Elon Musk says the Biden administration shot down his carbon tax pitch

For being ‘too politically difficult’

Elon Musk tells Joe Rogan he wants the new Tesla Roadster to hover

Tesla to accept bitcoin as payment in ‘near future’ after $1.5 billion investment

Don’t buy Teslas during a production ramp, Elon Musk says

Tesla’s next car will seamlessly unlock with UWB, FCC leak suggests

Tesla agrees to recall cars with failing displays

Tesla Roadster production delayed to 2022

Tesla unveils redesigned Model S with new interior and 520-mile range option

And a new Model X, too

Tesla turns Model Y and China success into its first annual profit

Tesla sues former employee for allegedly stealing software

Volkswagen boss joins Twitter with a jab at Elon Musk

Tesla asked to recall 158,000 cars for failing displays

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Hot Wheels is giving the real Tesla experience by delaying their model Cybertruck

Oracle moves its HQ from California to Texas

Tesla will reportedly suspend production of its Model S and Model X for 18 days