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Everyone needs to get around. How we do it will change more over the next decade than it has in the last century. Verge Transportation shows how legacy automakers are scrambling to become technology-savvy companies and how the tech industry is trying to cash in on the change. We call out the new players that are disrupting the industry and those that stumble. We look at how self-driving hardware and software make the automobile better or, in some cases, deeply flawed. We cut through the hype and empty promises to tell you what's really happening and what we think is coming. Verge Transportation cares about all moving machines and the place they have in the future.

Nissan follows GM in ditching Trump’s effort to overturn California’s pollution rules

Android Auto expands to dozens of countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia

Chevy Bolt batteries were catching fire, and now there’s a class action lawsuit

Uber reportedly will sell its flying taxi business to secretive startup Joby Aviation

Lucid Motors finishes the first phase of its $700 million EV factory in Arizona

Lucid Air production begins in spring 2021

GM pumps the brakes on its deal with troubled electric truck startup Nikola

Rome airport to allow passengers from the US to skip quarantine

Tesla recalls more than 9,500 Model X and Y vehicles due to manufacturing issues

Struggling electric jet startup Zunum sues Boeing for fraud and misuse of trade secrets

Uber and Lyft just scored a huge federal transportation contract

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GM abandons Trump’s war against California’s pollution powers

Waze will soon support CarPlay’s split-view dashboard mode

Robotaxis get the green light for paid rides in California

Tesla workers in California are exempt from state’s new COVID-19 orders

Lime unveils next-gen scooter as it continues to inch toward profitability

General Motors’ electric vehicle plan just got bigger, bolder, and more expensive

Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly after deadly crashes forced a two-year ban

“I am 100 percent comfortable with my family flying on it”

The UK moves up deadline to ban the sale of combustion-engine vehicles

The electric car industry now has its own lobbying group

China built the first electric car designed exclusively for ride-hailing


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Hyundai-backed Motional to launch fully driverless cars in Las Vegas

Uber is making it easier to redeem points in its loyalty program

EV charging network ChargePoint adds Apple CarPlay support

The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is dead again

Harley-Davidson’s new electric bikes look incredible — but they won’t be cheap

Serial 1 Cycle will launch with four distinct models

Uber reportedly may sell its self-driving car division to rival Aurora

GM recalls 68,000 electric Chevy Bolts over battery fire concerns

Here’s how much Rivian’s electric truck and SUV will cost when they come out in 2021

Honda’s new Legend sedan will drive itself on busy highways in 2021

Can Honda succeed where others have failed?

Ford unveils E-Transit electric cargo van with 126 miles of range and $45,000 price tag

BMW’s new electric scooter concept aims to be your perfect cyberpunk mount

BMW launches its new flagship iX electric SUV with 300 miles of range

Flying taxi startup Lilium will build a hub for its electric aircraft in Florida

Lyft’s ride-hailing business is starting to claw its way out of a deep hole

Cruise is teaming up with Walmart for robo-delivery in Arizona

Cheating VanMoof e-bikes will be slowed outside the US

Uber rolls out a new feature that lets you book a ride 30 days in advance